Do you suffer from acute or chronic pain? If you answered yes, Lifestream Health Center, pain management in Bowie, Marylandcan help you!We treat both acute and chronic pain with the latest in treatment and procedures at our pain management clinic in Bowie, Maryland. We are accepting new patients at our Bowie location and accept most insurances including Medicare. Call for appointments and further information.

Chronic Pain Interferes with Everyday Life!

Any form of pain can be life altering in a bad way. When your quality of life is impacted by pain, limiting your activities and lifestyle, something needs to be done to help you.Pain may limit the activities that you used to perform on a daily basis. Pain can interfere with your quality of life, making simple tasks nearly impossible to perform.  Tasks such as taking walks, lifting weights, to putting your shoes on; pain can take away the ability to perform activities. You need to work with a pain management specialist to regain as much of your normal movements, activities and lifestyle as possible.  Our doctors and pain management specialists will work with you to set goals and develop a treatment plan.

Pain Management in Bowie, Maryland

What was the original cause of your acute or chronic pain, if you know? Was it a trauma issue, repetitive motion, related to a fracture or nerve problem? What diagnostic testing have you had done on the area? What were the results? When was the testing completed? What medications do you take for the problem if any? A pain management specialist will need you to answer all of these questions in order to best help you.

Let Us Help You to Get Back to Your Life!

At Lifestream Health Center the providers are highly trained pain management specialists. We recognize that chronic pain impacts the whole person physically and psychologically.  Our treatment plans are personalized to give our patients thorough and attentive care. Call us today for acute and chronic pain management in Bowie, Maryland.

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