Welcome to our pain management clinic at Lifestream Health Center serving the Bowie/Baltimore-Washington D C Metropolitan area. Once you call our staff of pain management specialists for an appointment, they will help you to make a timely appointment that fits your schedule. Our staff will take the time to answer your questions and provide you with all the necessary information that you will need prior to your initial appointment. You will need to check with your insurance carrier to see if they require a referral from your primary physician. You will need to bring any required referral, co-pay, photo identification, and your insurance cards to your first appointment.

Improve Your Health!

It’s very important that you are involved in your own pain management. The idea here is to improve overall health and by doing so, reducing your chronic pain. Knowing your illness and level of pain may limit or prevent you from doing some of the things you normally do, that’s okay, do what your comfort level allows for and most importantly do everything with your personal safety in mind. Always check with your pain management doctor before trying new things! Eating a healthy menu, alternative therapies, and supplements are some suggestions your doctor may have.

Pain Management Clinic

We have assembled an amazing team of highly trained pain management specialists to help our patients to solve their acute and chronic pain problems. Our center offers comprehensive pain management for acute and chronic pain problems. We understand and recognize that chronic pain impacts the whole person both physically and psychologically.

Know Your Own Limitations with Chronic Pain!

Participate in your treatment, follow the doctor’s instructions, and speak up if you have side effects or your condition gets worse. Take notes or keep a pain journal. Keep track of your pain levels throughout the day. Do certain activities increase your pain? Does anything improve your pain? This can help you and your doctor understand what’s going on with your pain. When you suffer from chronic pain, you must set limits on certain activities. Call our pain management clinic today at Lifestream Health Center for an appointment!

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