There are solutions for acute and chronic pain! At Lifestream Health Center we know that to find the solution to any problem, that we must have a complete understanding of the root cause of the problem. This is especially true when it comes to finding solutions for acute and chronic pain.  If you or someone that you care about is suffering from acute or chronic pain, our amazing staff want to help! A simple and crucial question that must be answered is, “Do you know what the root cause of the pain is?” Too many individuals suffer in silence without getting to the bottom of their acute and chronic pain problems.

Solutions for Chronic Pain

Our professional team at Lifestream Health Center have one goal in mind, reduce and eliminate your acute and chronic pain, so you can get back to your life. You may need diagnostic testing to get the answers necessary to solve your pain problems. Diagnostic testing will help our doctors to discover the root cause of your pain. Pain medication may only mask the symptoms of acute and chronic pain you are experiencing. This can lead to further and even more serious issues long term. Even over-the-counter medications can have side effects and can cause kidney damage, stomach bleeding, and other serious issues. Opioid pain medications can also lead to serious addiction problems, respiratory depression, anxiety, and other problems.

Solutions for Acute and Chronic Pain!

Our healthcare professionals at Lifestream Health Center will develop a comprehensive individualized treatment plan that is designed to target the root cause of each of our patient’s acute and chronic pain problems. A complete medical history and exam will help to determine the root of the problem.  Our professionals may utilize tools such as x-ray, MRI, CAT scans, and many others to help discover the source of pain problems. We care about every one of our patients and providing lasting solutions for acute and chronic pain.

Top-Rated Clinic

Once our doctors discover the root cause of your pain, they can develop a plan of action to help you improve your quality of life through pain management.  We have many techniques, procedures, and medications to help our patients to reduce and eliminate acute and chronic pain problems.  We partner with our patients in helping to solve their pain related problems. At Lifestream Health Center in the Baltimore/Bowie, Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, we are a top-rated pain management clinic with solutions for acute and Chronic Pain.

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