There is a pain management doctor in Bowie, Maryland. The friendly and professional staff all work to help resolve patients acute to severe chronic pain problems. Call Lifestream Health Center at (301)-860-0305 to schedule an appointment today! Our office is located at 4000 Mitchellville Road in Bowie, Maryland. We are taking new patients and we do accept most insurance plans including Medicare. Make sure to get a referral from your primary doctor if your insurance requires you to.

Your Pain is Your Own!

Pain comes in many forms and we realize that each person experiences pain in their own individual way. What works for one person to solve a pain issue may not work the same for another person. Our professionals will listen to each patient’s complaint of pain, look at their medical history as it relates to the issue at hand, and will order any necessary diagnostic tests in order to help solve the patient’s problem.

Pain Management Doctor

We have many different forms of treatment and numerous procedures that can aid in the recovery of our patients from their acute to chronic pain. Our staff and our doctors are genuine people; they really care about each individual patient. We realize the impact that chronic pain has on the whole person, physically, and psychologically.

Personalized Treatment at Lifestream Health Center

At Lifestream Health Center, we offer comprehensive pain management for acute and chronic pain. We incorporate evidence-based and outcome-oriented research in our treatment decisions. We promote multi-dimensional treatment plans and recognize the importance and value of personalized treatment plans, thorough care, and follow up. No one should suffer in acute or chronic pain! Call the pain management doctor in Bowie, Maryland today at (301)-860-0305 and start taking care of your overall health.

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