Do you feel that you are destined to live a life full of suffering? Do you find yourself always seeking answers outside of yourself for your emotional or physical suffering? What if the answers that you seek lie within? What if you were told that you hold the power to heal yourself?


Feeling emotional or physical pain, discomfort, dis-ease starts subtly, barely being noticed. Overtime, as a child that’s ignored, it becomes more intense. It begins to cry out for attention. It’s typically a signal that you are not living in alignment with your highest self and or your destined, divine purpose. The pain and or discomfort wants your attention in order to show you what changes you need to make in your life to improve its quality, to get you on course to walk the path you were meant for.    


Whether you consider yourself religious or spiritual, either way creating daily healthy, sacred routines and or practices sets you up for a blissful life. Most individuals are not taught this. We are taught to jump straight out of bed in the morning, get ready for work, grab a fast breakfast or just skip it, and off to work we go. We return home and watch hours of television, stuffing ourselves with toxic foods, and repeat the cycle day after day. 

Rising each morning with the sun, taking time to move your body physically; whether it’s yoga, walking, or another physical exercise is a great way to kickstart your organs to function properly as well as to move stagnant energy. Also taking time to connect with our breath, our spirit, our creator in meditation or prayer will assist in tuning in with our bodies and the messages it’s trying to send us. 


Distancing yourself from technology and getting outside in nature as much as possible fuels our souls and greatly reduces stress, anxiety, and or depression. Instead of ending our evenings watching television, spend time with loved ones, enjoy the sunset, journal about your day, soak in the tub, do things that you enjoy. 


However, sometimes we need outside help to get us on track. Pain management clinic in Baltimore, MD, Lifestream Health Center, doctors are specialized in pain management treatments and are dedicated to improving their patients’ quality of life. They accept most insurance plans including Medicaid and Medicare as well as offer Telehealth services. Reach out today. You were not destined for a life of suffering! 

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