Chronic pain management has been a challenge for physicians for decades. Twenty short years ago, patients were often told that their pain problem was in their head. In the last decade, a few dedicated researchers learned more about chronic pain and where it initiates. They found that chronic pain is not a symptom of anxiety, depression, or a need for attention.  Chronic pain is a disease that can alter the whole person in debilitating ways. Chronic pain impacts quality of life, the patient’s emotions, their employment, recreational life, and family life.

Fifty Percent of Fifty Million Americans

Not all chronic pain sufferers have been finding relief. Nearly fifty percent of the Americans who suffer from chronic pain have had trouble finding adequate relief. The future looks bright, with research showing new treatments, new medications, injections, devices, alternative therapies, and a whole body and mind approach. At pain management clinics around the country, chronic pain suffers are finding more relief and solutions to their pain than ever before.

Chronic Pain Management

When chronic pain patients have their entire lives affected by pain, treatments for their chronic pain must address the whole person and their entire lives. It’s time to stop the suffering caused by chronic pain. Breakthroughs in the field of pain medicine are very promising. They are already impacting many chronic pain sufferers around the country.

The Knowledge Has Grown for Chronic Pain Management

Pain management doctors are much more knowledgeable then they were ten years ago, five years ago,and even a year ago.  We have learned so much about chronic pain, how it is produced, transmitted, and perceived. We know the seriousness of chronic pain and the damage it can cause in a life. Chronic pain management has a bright future to overcome all of the suffering of patients.

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