Those patients who live with chronic painon a daily basis know how hard it is to get quality sleep because of the pain and associated symptoms.  There are numerous products and coping skills that professionals suggest so that chronic pain patients can try to get some quality sleep. A recent study published by the University of Alberta suggests that those who have pets may actually get better quality sleep when facing chronic pain.

The Snuggles Have Great News!

For those who love to snuggle with their fur babies this is great news! The study was conducted on a small sample, six females and one male.  All seven participants suffered from chronic pain and owned pet dogs.  The group shared their thoughts and feelings in relation to chronic pain symptoms and the affects their dogs had on their sleeping patterns. The interviews were conducted via the phone. Over eighty percent of the comments that participants made reflected the belief that having a dog or pet was beneficial to aid in quality sleep.

Chronic Pain

The study breaks down explanations from the seven participants as to why pets aid in quality sleep with chronic pain. The participants developed five key reasons why their pets aided their sleep. The first key reason was physical presence, as it is comforting and reassuring.  The second key is routine and schedule which helps with sleep hygiene and routine.  The third key is the distraction from anxiety.  The fourth key is active intervention to keep participants safe.  The fifth key is the daytime activity with the pet that makes the participants more tired at night. The only negative effects that were reported were dogs snoring; however, the overall effect was beneficial even in this situation.

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For individuals in the chronic pain community, the results of this study are probably unsurprising.  Many chronic pain suffers have an emotional support animal or a service dog. Today there are many new treatments and procedures available to help those individuals who have been suffering from acute to severe chronic pain. Contact our office at Lifestream Health Center in Bowie, Maryland (301)-860-0305 for help with acute to chronic pain issues.

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