Pain management clinic, Lifestream Health Center, in Baltimore, MD is dedicated to improving the lives of their patients. They have a dream team of pain management specialists who treat each patient as an individual and never a “one size fits all” approach. They treat the patient as a whole, getting to the root of the problem, and not just the symptom. 


There are numerous physicians out there that simply will just provide you with a pill to address said pain or discomfort which then can lead to other issues depending on the type of medication. Pain management doctors at Lifestream Health Center work with a variety of tools and procedures to discover where your pain or discomfort is coming from. Where is the starting point of your dis-ease? Does your back flare up under certain circumstances such as stress related to family, friends, or work? Or is it a constant throbbing? When did you first notice the discomfort? Was it a physical activity that brought it on or perhaps an emotion and or traumatizing event that occurred? These are some good questions to ask yourself. 

Also, the types of food that we put in our bodies can often cause inflammation that can bring on pain in the joints, spine, nerves, internal organs. Gaining the ability to become the observer of your life, as if you’re watching a movie, can give you a lot of insight on why you may be feeling or experiencing discomfort in certain areas in your body and life. Setting healthy, sacred morning and evening routines is also a great step in setting up your days for success! If you begin and end your day in chaos then that will typically be how you experience your entire day and life. 


Lifestream Health Center has multiple convenient locations in Maryland with pain management specialists taking new patients and offering second opinions. Their pain management doctors are motivated in helping improve the quality of life that their patients possess. Accepting most insurance plans including Medicaid and Medicare as well as offering Telehealth services makes seeking out help more accessible and convenient. 


You are never alone in this journey we call life!

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