Lifestream Health Center, serving the Baltimore/Bowie Area of Maryland for acute and chronic pain. We use many forms of treatment and procedures to help manage our client’s pain. We seek to incorporate evidence-based and outcome-oriented research in our treatment decisions. We recognize the value of personalized treatment plans, which results in attentive and thorough care for our patients. For more information and to make appointments, call our friendly staff at (301)-860-0305. Although we preform many different procedures, facet injections are one of the procedures that we do for common injuries to the facet joints, they include arthritis, mechanical stress of the back, a back injury, and facet syndrome.

What is a Facet Injection?

A facet injection refers to an injection into the facet joints along the spine.  The facet joints are small joints along the spine that provide stability and guide motion. The injection could be PRP, dextrose, cortisone, or possibly an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid, if the doctor is just searching for the area where the pain is originating.

Chronic Pain

Commonly, three facet injections will need to be done over a six-month period to help eliminate pain.  The severity of the injury and the patient will dictate how many injections will be needed to relieve the pain. Our doctors will communicate with each patient to determine the best level of care, treatments and procedures.

Pain Management at Lifestream Health Center

No one should have to suffer from acute or chronic pain. Lifestream Health Center offers comprehensive pain management for acute and chronic pain. We recognize that chronic pain impacts the whole person, physically and psychologically.  Our pain management specialists care about each individual patient, which is demonstrated daily. If you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, call us at (301)-860-0305 for an appointment to see one of our pain management specialists.

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