Helping a Family Member or Friend in Chronic Paintakes patience, knowledge, and caring. The two most important things that a family member or friend can do for anyone that they care about who displays signs and symptoms of possibly struggling with chronic pain are to express concerns in a loving manner and in a supportive way.

Communicate Your Concerns

Often, individuals are ashamed, or afraid to ask for help. Don’t wait until a great deal of physical and emotional damage has happened; it’s important to confront the person as early as possible to help minimize damages. Never confront the person in front of others, that would shame them. Ask the person when the best time would be for a personal conversation; set the timeand find a nice quiet place without distractions where you can honestly communicate your concerns.

Helping a Family Member or Friend in Chronic Pain

When the time comes, communicate honestly from the heart, sharing your concerns about your friend or family member’s chronic pain. Be specific about the facts that you have witnessed and let them know that you’re concerned that there is a health problem that needs to be addressed by a professional. Offer your assistance in helping them to find a pain management doctor in their area. If you are comfortable to do so, offer your assistance with the appointment and transportation.

Avoid Conflict

If your friend or family member is in denial, avoid any conflict or argument. If they don’t acknowledge that there is a chronic problem, restate your feelings and concern. Leave the door open for future support if they aren’t ready for help now. Don’t play the guilt and shame game. Stay away from giving advice and simplified solutions.

Make the Person Feel Comfortable

It’s important to utilize the proper choice of verbiage in your communication with the person. Using “I” statements works best. Make the person feel safe and comfortable. Never rush the conversation with your friend or family member. Remember that the most powerful communication skill that we all have as human beings is active listening, listen respectfully, let them know you won’t judge or criticize. Encourage self-expression about feelings, so that you can understand them better. Continue to be supportive throughout the conversation and suggest professional help when appropriate. AT Lifestream Health Center in Bowie, Maryland we are taking new patients. When you are helping a family member or friend in chronic pain, we are here for you; call us at (301)-860-0305.

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