Over time, arthritis and joint pain have become common problems, especially in women. This situation usually occurs after the age of 40, and the patient must be in a lot of pain. We know that the pain is unbearable. So we have prepared a pain management team to help you with your pain.

Our goal is to help people with acute and chronic pain. Before we explain how we work, let us briefly explain what arthritis is.

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is not a disease but a condition in which the bones in your joints are affected. Either they degenerate, or you may have inflammation in your joints. In either case, your joints don’t work properly, and you feel intense pain when you move them.

Another condition related to arthritis is the build-up of excess fluid in the joint area, which causes extreme pain and swelling.

Regardless of your condition, both situations are unbearable, and you need someone to relieve your pain. So here are our pain management specialists in action.

How do we work?

We offer the best alternatives for those who have been using opioids for a long time to treat these

conditions. Believe us, using opioids cannot help you get rid of pain forever. However, it will ease the pain for a while, and then you will feel it again once the opioids wear off. It’s more like becoming addicted to opioids, which is an alarming situation.

We don’t want you to face such situations, which is why we always use the joint injection to relieve you of joint pain or the aspiration process to remove excess fluid from your joints. Our procedures are much better than using opioids.

If you are also suffering from the same situation, just visit Lifestream Health Center and make an appointment to say bye-bye to your joint pain!


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