You don’t have to live the rest of your life in pain. We have physicians specializing in pain management in Glen Burnie available to start working with you towards regaining your life back today! There’s different types of pain, typically labeled as acute or chronic pain. No two bodies are the same and will experience their pain differently. That’s why we treat each patient as an individual. We take the time to really connect and listen to the uncomfortable sensations that each of our patients are experiencing. 

Pain is an umbrella term for discomfort in the body. There’s many different reasons that you may experience discomfort in the body. Our initial goal is not to completely remove the pain from the body, as that’s a difficult task to do without knowing what’s causing the pain. Our goals are to minimize the discomfort, improve function, and improve your quality of daily living. Once the pain is minimized we can then start to discover where the pain stems from. We take the necessary action steps to get to the root of the problem. 

Healthcare providers who specialize in pain management recognize the complex nature of pain and a pain doctor approaches the problem from all directions. We have a variety of paths to explore to reach the overall results that we are looking for in managing your pain. We look at all of them very closely to discover which is the best for each individual patient. 

We were not born to live in misery. We are meant to live our life every day to its fullest potential. When we experience ongoing pain and never seek medical help it can begin to debilitate our daily functions and can turn into more problems such as mental health disorders. At Lifestream Health Center in Glen Burnie, MD, we have numerous procedures and treatments available to our pain specialists that can help with any acute or chronic pain management issue. We proudly accept most insurance providers including Medicaid and Medicare. Don’t hesitate, reach out to our trained pain management specialists to start living life again. Ketamine infusion therapy is an option for some patients who are treatment-resistant to other medications. Ketamine therapy is effectively treating chronic pain, acute pain, anxiety, addiction and depression. Ketamine providers here at Lifestream Health Center are highly trained and specialize in this form of treatment. 

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