NeuroFlow is a mobile app that has been designed to help users take better care of themselves. It enables you to keep a healthy mind and body, and here is everything you need to know about it.

How it works

We all want to be in control, and NeuroFlow helps with that. This app has tools and features that facilitate mental and physical health.

It has a simple interface that helps you navigate anywhere you want to go. It offers personalization features plus activities that aid your growth. All these features help you build a skill set in all areas of your life. The main goal is that you, the user, get to the point of being mentally and physically healthy.

Once you make progress, you get rewards in the form of gift cards.

Access personal care activities

Whenever you are in a fix that needs immediate rescue, like an enraged fit, you can simply reach out to NeuroFlow, and it will help. It helps you cope better when in stress, anger, or temptation. You do this with features like breathing exercises and journaling, among many more.

Physical body tracker

NeuroFlow also enables you to be on track with your physical body. Through the app, you will be able to keep track of your moods accordingly and check the best way to deal with them. Next, you can monitor your stress level and get suggestions on how to manage it. It also helps you deal with pain and view the entire progress.

It helps you stay connected

At Lifestream Health, we are always rooting for all our patients to stay connected.

And NeuroFlow is one way to help you do that. Most relapse cases are tied to one not having a support system, and this app helps mitigate that. We offer support wherever you are such that even if you are unable to attend a meeting or event, you are still part of our community.

Get rewarded for your progress

The human brain is wired to work better when it is rewarded. When the levels of serotonin elevate, we want to keep doing what gave us this reward. This reward system works similarly. You earn points that you can redeem as gift cards to purchase things you want.

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