Living with pain doesn’t have to be permanent. Here at Lifestream Health Center we have physicians specializing in pain management ready to help you obtain a higher quality of life that isn’t debilitated by pain. A recent study that was performed during the month of March found that over 95% of Americans were living with chronic pain. 

Living with chronic pain can affect your everyday life. It can affect your work performance, your relationships with family and friends, your social life; it could even get to the point where you’re unable to perform simple household chores or tasks required for daily living. If not actively improving your pain and without any support it could also begin to affect your mental health, causing anxiety and or depression. This doesn’t have to be your outcome and if you’re finding yourself already in this position then time is of the essence.

Our specialists here at our pain management treatment center take the time to get to know their patients and their specific pain that they are experiencing. No two bodies are the same nor do they experience pain the same. We treat our patients as an individual and look at all angles instead of a “one size fits all” approach. Getting to the root of your pain is the goal. We strive to keep ourselves up to date with the latest research, technologies, and procedures to assist our pain management specialists in discovering where their patient’s pain stems from and how to minimize the pain and eventually rid the body of it. 

At Lifestream Health Center we have numerous procedures and treatments available to our pain specialists that can help with any acute or chronic pain management issue. We proudly accept most insurance providers including Medicaid and Medicare. Don’t hesitate, reach out to our trained pain management specialists and schedule an appointment today.

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