Marijuana, also commonly referred to as Cannabis, has received a bad reputation after years of misuse and abuse. Now it is finally receiving the attention and respect that this healing flower most definitely deserves. Since the legalization of medicinal cannabis began we’re seeing more and more people turning to this powerful plant medicine to assist them on their healing journey. Many pain management specialists and or substance abuse treatment specialists have begun turning to Medicinal Cannabis in helping their patients diminish their pain and improve their quality of life.

What are some health benefits of Medicinal Cannabis? This may be a question you are asking yourself right about now. Is Medicinal Cannabis right for me? May be another question that is commonly asked. Some health concerns that this plant medicine is used for includes anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and or inflammation. This is not an inclusive list as there are many benefits.

Medicinal Cannabis can be worked with in many ways and forms. It may be taken orally through edibles or oil extracts. It can be applied topically for skin conditions or joint aches and pains through creams and tinctures. It can also be smoked in its original form or inhaled through a vaporizer. In addition it may be in a wax or oil form that when heated the smoke can be inhaled. You can discuss which form is best for you specifically with your pain management or substance abuse treatment specialist during the discussion of your treatment plan.

However it is worked with, it should always be treated with the utmost love and respect. If you’re “religious” simply pray over it, as you would a meal, thanking our creator for providing this healing plant and asking to receive its nourishment. If you don’t consider yourself “religious” but perhaps “spiritual” you would take a similar approach. Simply hold the medicine in the palm of your hand, placing your other hand over it, and place your gratitude and intention into it.

Our highly trained staff puts the needs of our patients first. We treat the patient as a whole. We understand that every person is different and experiences life differently than what someone else may. We don’t have a “one size fits all” approach. Reach out today and get your initial consultation scheduled! We accept most insurance providers including Medicaid and Medicare. We also understand that traveling may be difficult at times and offer Telehealth when applicable.

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