Discovering where your acute or chronic pain stems from can be a challenging task at times. At our pain management treatment center in Baltimore, MD, our pain management specialists offer a variety of paths to discover the origin of a patient’s discomfort. A peripheral nerve injection is a diagnostic test that helps us determine if a specific peripheral nerve is the source of your pain. But peripheral nerve injections go beyond being just a diagnostic tool. Most patients directly benefit from the procedure. We inject a local anesthetic and steroid that should decrease pain allowing you to complete daily activities much more easily. If it is successful in reducing your pain and improving symptoms, then we can identify the exact nerve that is the pain source. This may also provide the opportunity for physical therapy and light exercise to strengthen the back and other muscles. 

Pain Management Doctors in Baltimore & Glen Burnie Pain Management Center

In addition to Baltimore pain management center and nerve pain doctors, our pain management doctors at Glen Burnie, MD are dedicated to helping you improve your quality of life by minimizing pain and discomfort and overtime diminish it. Accomplishing this takes working closely with our patients, offering different solutions, and different paths. It isn’t always a simple overnight fix however with the right team of pain management experts in your corner it’s achievable. We are aware that everyone is different and can experience pain or discomfort in different ways. We don’t try to fit our patients in a box. We listen very closely to our patients’ needs and concerns when deciding on which pain management treatment to offer. Sometimes it may take trying alternate routes. 

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At Lifestream Health Center we have numerous procedures and treatments available to our pain specialists that can help with any acute or chronic pain management issue. We proudly accept most insurance providers including Medicaid and Medicare. Don’t hesitate, reach out to our trained pain management specialists and schedule an appointment today.


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