There are hundreds of different suboxone clinics in the United States. While suboxone treatment may be declining slightly in numbers, suboxone clinics will always remain a popular option for those seeking to break away from opioid painkiller addiction.

It is effective, and here at lifestream, we believe it still is a good option. Even so, we have adopted better methods like non-medication therapy for chronic pain. We understand that pharmaceutical ways are not the only way to go. We embrace non-pharmaceutical methods that are proving to be effective.

Depending on the patient’s needs, non-pharmaceutical chronic pain treatments may include physical therapy, injections, and much more. We also offer ultrasound-guided injections, fluoroscopically guided injections, and more.

We take care of our patients here at the lifestream health clinic in Bowie, Maryland. Our goal is to provide the best chronic pain treatment with utmost priority for patient safety and quality of life.The injections we administer involve “platelet-rich plasma,” which is part of a non-invasive procedure that takes 30 minutes or less in length.

We are all about ensuring that we work with what suits our clients the most.This type of chronic pain injection is non-invasive and only takes a short time to do.We can also perform “upwards” injections as well, which will help with chronic back and neck pains that are chronic in nature.

In addition, we offer sedation if needed, plus more throughout our pain clinic here at the lifestream health center in Bowie, Maryland.

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With our chronic pain treatments, we have been able to relieve clients who have not found success elsewhere before coming into our health facility in Bowie, Maryland. Following chronic pain treatment plan suggestions from our medical staff has helped many chronic pain sufferers get the quality of life they deserve following years of chronic pain symptoms.

With great suboxone doctors such as Dr. Merritt who is ABMS Board-Certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. We are ready to serve you and your needs. Visit us today.

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