Pain is the biggest block to purpose. If you have a big mission on this planet, then getting your body out of pain and into alignment is a top priority. Pain management specialists at Lifestream Health Center assist their patients through this process by getting to the root cause of the pain by utilizing a variety of pain management procedures. These procedures and or protocols have proven success throughout many of their patients. 


Connecting with the root cause of the issue—what’s creating the pain, imbalance, or distress—is the key to shifting into ease and having the energy to live your passion and fulfill your purpose. Learning how to communicate with ourselves and listen to the messages that our bodies are sending us is the first step in getting out of pain and moving back into alignment. When you’re NOT listening to the body’s subtle (or not-so-subtle) cues signaling that something is out of alignment, then the pain intensifies to get your attention. As the issue escalates, it can feel overwhelming to receive the message amidst the chaos and return to the root cause. For example, if your back was hurting, but you pushed through and didn’t do anything to care for yourself until you couldn’t move, then it can be more challenging to take action once you’re immobile. That’s where tracking can support you in making connections and taking inspired action as soon as an issue arises to stay aligned, pain-free, and on purpose. 

Taking time in the morning upon waking and in the evening before going to bed to check in with yourself is a key piece that many individuals don’t do and have never been taught to do. Notating where you experience discomfort in the body, any events, or emotions that you were feeling that may have triggered the onset can help prevent dis-ease from growing and or spreading. Making this a daily habit can significantly improve your connection with yourself and provide you with insight to what is working in your life and what is causing you to be out of alignment. 


Pain management doctors at Lifestream Health Center are taking new patients now. They’re also happy to provide second opinions when needed. In attempts to make their services accessible to as many people in need they have many convenient pain management clinics located throughout Maryland and offer Telehealth when appropriate. In addition, they accept most insurance plans including Medicaid and Medicare. Reach out today to get your initial consultation scheduled. It’s never too late! Don’t let dis-ease keep you from your purpose! 

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