Maintaining an active lifestyle, especially during the upcoming winter and holiday season will help reduce the onset or recurring chronic or acute pain. At our pain management center in Baltimore, MD we help our patients increase their quality of life. This time of the year it’s common to see an increase of those struggling with pain or discomforts. Why would this time of the year be any different than any other time of the year? During this time of the year time has changed, we experience shorter days and longer nights, we experience lower temperatures, most may experience an increase of financial stresses, and for those that have experienced the loss of loved ones it can make getting through the holidays a little tough. 

Pain Management Center in Baltimore, MD 

However, these seasonal changes don’t have to impact your life negatively. Maintaining an active lifestyle will help you physically and mentally, killing two birds with one stone! The more inactive you become, the more muscle mass you’ll lose over time. With regular low impact workouts, strength training, and daily movements, you can prevent this. Most of these activities can quickly be done at home, too! These activities could include but are not limited to walking, running, or hiking. If weather doesn’t permit you can do light stretching or yoga indoors as well as simple breathing exercises that can help with lung capacity and mental health. Inactivity can lead to anxiety and depression. Daily activity can be a natural endorphin and mood booster. The better your mood, the more active you’ll want to be! 

Acute pain can come on suddenly, while chronic pain can appear over time, gradually increasing with the less active one may become. When you start experiencing unpleasant symptoms that don’t seem to decrease with activities done at home, it may be time to seek out a pain management specialist. At our pain management center in Baltimore, MD our pain management doctors have a variety of tools to help you improve your quality of life by decreasing the discomforts that one may be experiencing. 

At Lifestream Health Center, our pain management doctors are accepting most insurance providers including Medicaid. We offer initial consultations as well as second opinions. We do not treat every patient and or every symptom the same as no two are. We want to get to the root of the problem, where does the pain, the discomfort, the symptom start? Once we can get the pain minimized we can begin to pinpoint where the onset originated. We may utilize Medical or Medicinal Marijuana treatment or we may recommend Ketamine Infusion Therapy or a simple Trigger Point Injection. Contact pain management center in Baltimore, MD today. Our pain doctors and pain specialists are ready and available to begin working with you!

Don’t hesitate to reach out for support on your journey to recovery today! 

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