At our pain management Doctor in Baltimore, MD at Lifestream Health Center we help treat acute and chronic pain. Pain is really an umbrella term for discomforts felt in the body. When you experience pain or discomfort, it’s a symptom indicating that something is out of alignment. This imbalance could be something physical or it could be an emotional or energetic imbalance. When searching for a pain management specialist it’s important that you resonate with him or her. A lot of pain doctors do not examine the patient as a whole but rather focus solely on the symptom. 

Our Pain Management Specialists do not attempt to put their patients in a box. Each person and their body is different and experiences pain in different ways. We have a variety of procedures that we can explore in order to receive the best results. What is going to minimize your pain and increase your quality of life is the main goal! Discovering the root of your pain!

Acute or Chronic Pain Management Available in Baltimore, MD

At Lifestream Health Center, our top rated pain management Doctor in Baltimore, MD, one common symptom that patients are experiencing is Sciatica. A lot of people think of this pain as a condition or diagnosis, however it’s a symptom that indicates that something is irritating a nerve root in the lower back. The important thing is determining what is actually causing pressure on the nerve. Sciatica typically happens when there is a pinched nerve or it’s compressed in the lower back from a herniated or bulging disc. Some people may confuse all leg pain as being a cause of sciatica but there’s many different causes for leg pain such as cellulitis, muscle strains, vascular issues, or a different nerve being irritated. A true sciatic symptom runs from the mid-buttock down the back of the leg, and could go down past the knee and through the calf.

A common myth to treat sciatica is that you should stay in bed and rest. Numerous studies have found that there is little to no benefit to staying in bed compared with staying active for people. But short-term treatment with an anti-inflammatory or acetaminophen can be helpful for some people. One common pain management treatment utilized by our pain management doctors for a pinched nerve root is epidural steroid injections.

Whether you’re experiencing chronic or acute pain, our pain management Doctor in Baltimore, MD is equipped to help. Don’t continue allowing pain to debilitate your life. We accept most insurance providers including Medicaid at our pain management clinic. Call today and schedule your initial appointment. 301-860-0305

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