Comprehensive pain management for acute and chronic pain management in Bowie, Maryland. We utilize multi-dimensional treatment plans that will impact the whole patient both physically and psychologically. We incorporate evidence-based and outcome-oriented research into all of our treatment decisions. All of our treatment plans are personalized for each patient. All of our patients experience the dedication and attentiveness of our amazing staff.

Excellent Patient Care

We use the latest in research, training and technology to bring our patients the most up to date treatments and procedures.  We utilize both medication and non-medication therapies for acute and chronic pain. Our reputation speaks for itself when it comes to treating our patients, patient care and customer service. Patients have been very pleased and satisfied with the results of their treatment at Lifestream Health Center.

Pain Management in Bowie

If you are experiencing acute or chronic pain, you should consult your primary doctor.  If your primary doctor is unable to find a pain management solution for you, then you will need to make an appointment with a pain management specialist.  Ask your primary doctor for a referral. Don’t suffer in pain; there are many different options for our pain management doctors to utilize to help you find relief.

Call Us for Pain Relief

Call us in Bowie at (301)-298-5294 to schedule an appointment. We our taking new patients at our Bowie location.  We accept most insurance plans including Medicaid.  Our excellent staff will take things from there.  There should not be any stress or anxiety for patients who come to our facility. Let our staff work with you to help you with your pain issues. Whatever your acute or chronic pain problem is, at our pain management clinic in Bowie, our friendly staff will diligently work to find a solution.

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