Lifestream Health Center is the premiere pain-management clinic in Bowie, Maryland. We have been serving the Baltimore-Washington D. C. Metropolitan area since 2000. We offer comprehensive pain management for acute and chronic pain. Our providers are a professional team of highly trained pain management specialists. We recognize that chronic pain impacts the whole person both physically and psychologically.  Our pain management clinic in Bowie promotes a multi-dimensional approach to treatment plans.  We seek to incorporate evidence-based and outcome-oriented research in our treatment decisions.  We recognize the value of personalized treatment plans, and our patients enjoy attentive and thorough care.

Don’t Let the Pandemic Stop You!

Covid19 has impacted every individual and family in the country. Many pain management patients have been left feeling hopeless and alone because some providers have just stopped providing them services because of the opioid epidemic and the pandemic. At Lifestream Health Center, we will never just drop a patient that needs our help. Our goal is to get you back to living your normal life! We realize that will not always be possible depending on the cause of your pain; however, our amazing pain management specialists will do their absolute best to give you your life back.

Premier Pain Management

Opioid pain medications are not the answer for most people facing acute and chronic pain today. We have numerous procedures and treatments available to our patients that can help with acute or chronic pain issues. At our clinic in Bowie, Maryland, we also use other non-medication therapies for chronic pain.  Some of these therapies include tens units, physical therapy and much more. We also offer ultrasound guided injections, fluoroscopically guided injections, and more. We do our procedures on site and offer sedation as needed. We specialize in platelet rich plasma and complex regional pain syndrome.

We Have Many Options that can Help!

For individuals who have been on opioids for long periods of time that wish to stop opioid treatment to try other healthier alternatives, we do provide a phenomenally successful Suboxone treatment program to assist them. Our team of pain management specialists utilizes everything from epidural steroid injections, to nerve blocks, radiofrequency neurolysis, spinal cord stimulators, trigger point injections, and much more. Pain robs you of your normal quality of life. We have had wonderful success with our patients at our pain management clinic in Bowie. If you would like to make an appointment to be seen by our pain management specialists in the Bowie/ Baltimore-Washington D C Metropolitan Area, please call our friendly staff for appointments and more information. Lifestream Health Center, the premier pain-management clinic in Bowie, Maryland.


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