Welcome to Lifestream Health Center serving the Bowie/Baltimore-Washington D C Metropolitan area since 2000. We have assembled an amazing team of highly trained pain management specialists to help our patients to solve their acute and chronic pain problems. Our center offers comprehensive pain management for acute and chronic pain problems. We understand and recognize that chronic pain impacts the whole person both physically and psychologically.  We have numerous procedures and treatments available to our pain specialists that can help with any acute or chronic pain management issue. We want to find the best solution for your particular case.

Lifestream Health Center in Maryland

We understand the fear that accompanies acute and chronic pain.  Pain robs you of your normal quality of life. Our goal at Lifestream Health Center in Bowie is to get you back to living your normal life! We realize that will not always be possible depending on the cause of your pain; however, our amazing pain management specialists will do their very best to give you your life back. We have had wonderful success with our patients at our pain management clinic in Bowie. We care about our patients!No matter what you acute or chronic pain issue is, we have procedures and treatments available to our very skilled staff to help resolve your pain issue. Your pain may be caused by an old sports injury, or repeated motion of the same joint for years, your pain may be a result of a nervous system problem, a muscular problem, or degeneration of a joint that has happened with age. We find that many acute and chronic pain problems become more obvious with age. Over the years, issues that didn’t bother us much when we were younger become unbearable as we age.

Pain Management Clinic

Once you call our professional and friendly staff for an appointment, they will help you to make a timely appointment that fits your schedule.  Our staff will take the time to answer your questions and provide you with all the necessary information that you will need prior to your initial appointment. You will need to check with your insurance carrier to see if they require a referral from your primary physician.  You will need to bring any required referral, co-pay, photo identification, and your insurance cards to your first appointment. Once you arrive at your initial appointment, our staff will ask you for your medical history, you will be given several forms to fill out prior to meeting with one of our pain management specialists.  It’s important that you bring a list of all medications that you currently are taking, including vitamins and over-the-counter medications. Once your intake packet is complete, our staff will call you in to meet with one of our pain management specialists.

Get Back to Your Life with Lifestream!

Our professional pain management specialist will listen to your pain complaint, review your medical history, and any diagnostic tests that you have provided. They will then perform a complete examination in the area of your pain complaint and work with you to provide a solution. Our pain management specialists listen to our patients, they take all the time that is needed to provide a solution that is best. Appointments are never rushed or cut short because of over booking of clients, we realize how important each patient’s pain issue is and want to help. Call our pain management Clinic today for the help you need.

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