A federal advisory committee or pain management task force which was established by the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016 has released its final report on acute and chronic pain management best practices.

Pain Management Best Practices

Vanila M. Singh M.D., task force chair and chief medical officer of the HSS Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health was quoted as saying,“There is no one-size-fits-all approach when treating and managing patients with painful conditions. Individuals who live with pain are suffering and need compassionate, individualized and effective approaches to improving pain and clinical outcomes. This report is a roadmap that is desperately needed to treat our nation’s pain crisis.”

Pain Management

Chronic pain management must be a priority, with all of the American’s suffering from chronic pain in the United States. When the task force was created it was at a time when approximately 50 million adults in the United States suffered with chronic daily pain. The task force was also created during a national opioid epidemic. The report recommends more diligent history taking, screening tools, lab tests, and clinician time with patients to establish a therapeutic alliance and setting clear goals to improve functionality, quality of life, and daily activities.

Lifestream Health Center, for Acute and Chronic Pain

At Lifestream Health Center in Bowie, Maryland we understand that chronic pain impacts the whole person, physically and psychologically.  We promote multi-dimensional treatment plans and seek to incorporate evidence-based and outcome-oriented research into all of our treatment decisions. We have many treatment and procedure options to help you to overcome your acute or chronic pain.To call us for an appointment, call (301)-860-0305, our professional and friendly staff will schedule your first appointment and answer any questions that you have. For anyone suffering from acute or chronic pain, pain management is very important to stop the suffering.

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