Adding chronic pain does not make things easier. People who are battling with addiction already have enough on their plates. More so, if they have to deal with a doctor who has no history of their drug problem.

The primary question is whether there is an ultimate solution that is successful for their chronic pain. A clinician is often faced with a challenge once a patient who is an addict arrives.

One, it is because of the legal issue surrounding the matter, and two, if they learn that the patient is trying to recover, they may be afraid of a relapse.

The main reason for treating chronic pain in addicted patients is to ensure that the functional level has exhausted its potential and, at the same time, it has provided relief. For that reason, it is vital to have one particular doctor to assist the patient.

A doctor will see to it that there is no abuse of the prescription, the pain is under control, and the Addict is absorbing tiny doses of opium.

For a plan like that to work, the doctor has to walk hand in hand with the patient. Where else would you get doctors that are caring and professional if not at Lifestream Health in Bowie?

Once you visit our Suboxone clinic, we start you off with a plan that will work for you. It is going to relieve pain and also reduce opium addiction.

Our Suboxone doctors are certified, ethical and well trained. They serve our clients with honor, care, and professionalism. The competence and quality of service led us to win the Bowie award in 2020.

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Reach out to us. We have the best team of doctors. The head being Dr. Sarah Merritt, who is currently co-chairing the legislative council for MedChi, the Maryland state medical society.

We are the best at what we do. Reach out to us, say goodbye to the pain, and hello to a quality life.

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