Acute and chronic pain can be a life-altering problem! We use many different procedures and treatments to deal with different forms of pain. One such procedure is Prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is a procedure where our doctor injects an irritant solution into the injured tendon or joint. The solution causes irritation allowing for more blood flow to the painful area. The procedure will trigger the damaged tissue to repair itself. Prolotherapy is a procedure that stimulates your body to heal itself in a particular area. During the time your body naturally heals the injury, the pain in the area should steadily decrease. After a few procedures, pain has been known to completely subside.

What Types of Issues Would Prolotherapy Be Appropriate to Utilize?

Prolotherapy is actually healing and regenerating to damaged tissue for a vast assortment of injuries. Prolotherapy has been an effective treatment for inflammation for the following issues: musculoskeletal pain, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, unresolved whiplash injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, neck pain, chronic tendonitis, partially torn tendons, ligaments, and cartilage, degenerated or herniated discs, TMJ, and sciatica. Prolotherapy procedures usually takes between 30-45 minutes. Prolotherapy is not very invasive, a mild sedation is used, so patients are asked not to eat for twelve hours prior to the scheduled procedure. Patients must have transportation to and from the procedure.

Acute and Chronic Pain

At Lifestream Health Center, we serve the Baltimore/Bowie area for acute and chronic pain. Prolotherapy is only one of the many treatments or procedures that we have to offer for pain management. You can contact our pain management specialists for an appointment and for more information. Whatever your issue is, our pain management specialists will work for a solution to help you. No one should have to suffer with acute or chronic pain!

Lifestream Health Centers for Pain Management

To schedule an appointment to discuss your options for pain management, please call our well-trained pain management specialists and schedule a timely appointment. Let our wonderful doctors and acute and chronic pain management specialists help get you back to your life!


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