Pain is tricky. It shows up in all shapes and sizes and takes on many different forms. Here at our pain management clinic in Baltimore, MD at Lifestream Health Center, our pain management specialists utilize a variety of procedures to minimize your pain with the goal to improve your quality of life. Many discomforts or pain in the body can be caused by physical injuries or surgeries however a lot of pain is stress induced. When we are living our daily lives in a constant state of stress it begins to show up in our body as physical discomforts if not managed. 

These physical discomforts include but are not limited to neck pain, lower back pain, upper back pain, headaches or migraines, stomach cramps, etc. “How could stress cause pain or physical discomforts in the body?” one may ask. When you are under stress you tend to tense certain muscles in your body, never relaxing. Some may clench their jaw or grind their teeth subconsciously to attempt to release the stress, others may shrug their shoulders up towards their ears. Stress related pain can sneak up on you. It starts off very subtle and if it continues to go unnoticed or untreated, the pain increases then it’s much harder to manage. 

Reducing Pain at Pain Management Clinic in Baltimore, MD

It’s best to begin using pain management techniques such as yoga or light stretching, taking epsom salt baths, massages, etc. as soon as you start noticing any discomforts or pain in the body. If at home pain reducing techniques are not helping then it may be time to seek support from one of our Pain Management Specialists. Adopting simple stress reduction techniques in place of the coping mechanisms that you’ve been subconsciously doing will help recurring pain as well as it may minimize any current pain that you are experiencing. 

Some simple stress relief techniques consist of breathing exercises, decluttering your space, meditation, taking walks in nature, cold showers, etc. If you’re still struggling with managing or reducing your pain call our pain management clinic in Baltimore, MD at Lifestream Health Center. Our pain management doctors’ main goal is to improve your quality of life by minimizing your pain. We’re accepting new patients as well as providing second opinions. We accept most major insurance providers as well as Medicaid. Contact us today!



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