It is estimated that nearly 300,000 individuals in the United States are living with a spinal cord injury. New research is demonstrating that spinal cord stimulation can significantly help with chronic pain issues and restore some voluntary movement and automatic functions even many years after a paralyzing injury.

Amazing Results for Chronic Pain!

Spinal cord stimulators consist of a small battery pack, similar to a pacemaker, and thin wires.  The electrodes from the stimulator are positioned and placed between the spinal cord and vertebrae.  The generator, or battery pack are placed near the abdomen or buttocks, just beneath the skin. A remote control is used to send electrical impulses when patients are experiencing pain. The remote and its antenna are external from the patient’s body.

Effectiveness of Spinal Cord Stimulation

Experts believe that spinal cord stimulation alters how the brain senses pain. They believe that SCS targets multiple muscle groups directly from the spine. In some spinal cord stimulators, a light tingling may be felt, this is called paresthesia.  In newer stimulators, they offer stimulation that does not cause paresthesia for those that find the tingling uncomfortable. SCS is most often used after nonsurgical options have been exhausted and have not provided sufficient pain relief.

Chronic Pain Management Specialist

Spinal cord stimulators can be beneficial for chronic back pain, post-surgical pain, angina or heart pain, arachnoiditis, spinal cord injuries, neuropathy, or nerve related pain, peripheral vascular disease, post-amputation pain, complex regional pain syndrome, and visceral abdominal pain. SCS can improve the overall quality of those suffering from chronic pain. Patients have reported less pain, better sleep, and less need for pain medications with the use of SCS. Imaging and psychological testing are usually ordered by pain management specialists to make sure SCS is appropriate for each individual patient. Call our pain management doctor today to discuss your options and the effectiveness of spinal cord stimulation.

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