Lifestream Health Center for pain management in Bowie/Baltimore area uses many different treatments and procedures to help our patients to overcome acute and chronic pain. In the United States, acute and chronic pain are widespread problems! Reported statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that fifty million Americans suffer from some form of acute or chronic pain. Twenty million of those people have been reported to have high-impact chronic pain. High-impact chronic pain limits a person’s ability to carry out day-to-day activities, leading to a lower quality of life. Chronic pain is often associated with anxiety, depression, and mood disorders.

Everyone Will Have Pain at Some Time in Life!

At some time during life, a person will deal with serious pain; sometimes chronic pain can be very challenging to treat. The number one reason that patients go to doctors is pain! Many underlying issues can be corrected. For example, abdominal pain may be caused by gallbladder disease, removing the gallbladder will correct the problem within approximately six months. Some individuals suffer from “vague pain” where the patient isn’t really sure where the pain is coming from or what caused the pain to start with. This type of pain could be caused by arthritis or neuropathy. Some conditions like these can be fixed or helped and some not. Sometimes there just is not a good permanent solution for the individual patient.

Lifestream Health Center for Pain Management

Patient support, education, and improving overall wellness can help a great deal in these situations. When patients have more than just one appointment and can communicate with their doctors, where the patient understands their situation and things, they can do to improve their quality of life, overall quality does improve. There are reports of less stress, anxiety, and depression. Alternative therapies such as acupuncture, some supplements, and a healthy diet are all the types of things that can help in the long run.

Patient involvement in Their Own Treatment is Crucial

It could be as simple as scheduling and keeping all of your appointments. Perhaps keeping a wellness journal, staying on a food plan that fits your lifestyle, doing what you can do to keep moving without injuring yourself. Working with medical professionals to set yourself up for success! Call us at Lifestream Health Centers for pain management and let our team of pain management specialists help you to improve your quality of life.

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