Suboxone Treatment

When a dependent on Opium suffers from any form of chronic pain, it would be best if they saw a practitioner who is well aware of the patient’s history and is knowledgeable on the proper medication to prescribe to a patient.

Effects of the Wrong Prescription

Prescribing the wrong medication may have harmful effects for a patient who was earlier dealing with drug addiction.

For example, James was recovering from a drug addiction. He was three years clean. One day while going home from work, James had an accident and was rushed to the hospital. He did not suffer from significant fractures, only his distal ulnar. To manage the mild pain,James was going through. He got a prescription from a doctor who did not know his drug history. After continuous use of the drugs, James was back to drugs. The relapse brought him depression. He attempted to commit suicide.

Had James been in the hands of a doctor that knew both his history and was a suboxone doctor. He probably would not have had to go through all that mental pain.

Suboxone Treatment

At Lifestream Health, our Suboxone doctors ensure that patients receive quality pain management and comprehensive treatment. They are led by the CEO, Dr. Sarah Merritt, a specialist in pain blocks and suboxone treatment.

With consideration that our team won the best Bowie award in 2020. We ascertain that you will receive efficient treatment. With Suboxone, a patient has the assurance that they will not relapse since it’s a prescription dose administered once a week or once a month.

Suboxone also helps in treating any opium disorder that one might have.

Lifestream Health observes the basic principles of effective pain management. We pride ourselves on offering quality healthcare services.

If you are looking for the best doctors to help with chronic pain management, then Lifestream Health is the place you should visit.

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