Are you experiencing back pain, joint pain, or other aches and pains in the body? Do you tell yourself that if you just take an over the counter inflammatory, lay down, and rest that it will eventually go away? Sometimes that can help, depending on what the actual ailment is but more often than not it doesn’t improve and actually worsens over time. Did you know that there are pain management clinics near you that have pain management specialists utilizing a variety of treatment options to get you back to enjoying life?

Newton’s law tells us that a body in motion will stay in motion and a body at rest will stay at rest. During the cold months it’s perfectly natural for us to want to hibernate. It makes sense, it’s the natural cycle. Most animals go off in their warm dark caves or holes and don’t come back out until the warmer months ahead. During these cold months we should honor the natural rhythm of nature and spend more time indoors, reflecting on the previous year, what changes we need to make to improve our life, and celebrating with family. However, as it’s stated, a body at rest will stay at rest. Meaning if you don’t continue with physical activity you could risk falling into seasonal depression or experiencing physical ailments. When we stop moving our bodies, our joints begin to stiffen, we lose muscle mass, we lose motivation, and that can begin affecting our mental health driving us into a depressed state of mind. So how do we prevent seasonal depression? How do we prevent the onset of physical ailments or pain? How do we honor the cyclical rhythm of nature without becoming imbalanced?

Pain management doctors in Baltimore, MD at Lifestream Health Center are dedicated to help improve their patients’ quality of life


Our dream team of pain management doctors in Baltimore, MD at Lifestream Health Center are dedicated to help improve their patients’ quality of life, however there are ways that you can prevent the need for pain management. During these cold months, when the outside weather is unbearable, and all you want to do is bundle up; allow yourself the rest, honoring nature and your needs, but make it a priority to move your body. Simple stretches and physical exercises can be done indoors at home and some even in your bed. Making time for physical exercises will give your joints the much needed fluid that’s released naturally to keep them lubricated and prevent them from stiffening. Maintaining a well balanced healthy diet will prevent you from gaining too much weight. A lot of back problems seen come from having a weak core, so simple core strengthening exercises will help strengthen your back muscles as well as work off some of that extra pecan pie weight.

If you have found yourself in a hibernation funk don’t wait any longer to get out of it. Our pain management specialists are currently accepting new patients looking for an initial consultation or to receive a second opinion. We accept most major insurance providers including Medicaid and Medicare. Contact our Bowie Pain Specialists Today! 

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