Lifestream Health Center pain management clinic in Bowie/Baltimore, Maryland is ready and able to help you with your acute and chronic pain issues. Perhaps a certain area of your body has been getting more and more painful over time? Maybe you have tried over-the-counter medications and they just don’t help ease the pain? Sometimes pain comes with age, especially for those of us who have had very active lives and some injuries here and there over the years. The good news is that we have a plethora of treatments and procedures to help with acute and chronic pain!

Everyone Feels Some Pain in Their Lifetime!

Arthritis can bea contributor of pain related issues as we age. Some of us overworked our bodies over the years and now we feel the pain. An example of this is professional bodybuilders, powerlifters, and athletes who enjoyed competing in younger years who often develop joint problems, arthritis, and degeneration of discs in the spine in later years. Many individuals who worked for years using the same repetitive motion develop arthritis and other pain related issues. Sometimes pain just shows up without any logical reason as to why? We have diagnostic testing available when needed to see what may be causing our painful symptoms.

Pain Management Clinic

Sometimes when discs in the spinal cord become compromised, the normal pathways of nerves become smaller, causing pinched nerves, this will cause havoc on the body including severe pain. Some individuals suffered minor tears to muscles and joints in younger years and they worsen with age and become major pain problems. Our pain management specialists will find out the root cause of your pain and work with you to develop the best course of action to resolve your pain issue.

The Amazing Staff at Lifestream Health Center Really Cares!

We have the tools and technology to deal with all types of pain issues at Lifestream Health Center in Bowie/Baltimore, Maryland. No acute or chronic pain issue will catch our amazing staff off guard, they have received a plethora of training to be able to help with any acute or chronic pain issue. We have such amazing technology, tools, techniques, procedures, and treatments available to our pain management specialists today. These wonderful developments in pain management help us to help you resolve all of your acute and chronic pain issues. Certainly, at times, surgery is required to help some patients but not in all cases.  The majority of cases are able to be resolved by less evasive methods. Call our pain management clinicin Bowie/Baltimore, Maryland today!

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