Our suboxone clinic Lexington cares about those of you who are wrapped up in the horrors of opioid use disorder. From the moment you pick up the phone or walk through our door, you will be welcomed into a safe and nonjudgmental environment that respects you and your privacy. Our clinic provides easy access to our providers, we accept state Medicaid, we offer affordable treatment plans and soon we will have a telemedicine platform to help those in remote or rural areas who can’t come to our location.

What is Our Suboxone Clinic Like?

Running a suboxone clinic is a very involved endeavor because we always try to be ready and available to help 24/7. We offer medication-assisted treatment or MAT and our providers are licensed, comply with the mandates and policies of the Drug Enforcement Agency, federal, state and local laws. Our suboxone clinic prides itself on running like a well-oiled machine because we only deliver the best possible services to our clients and we have a firm commitment to saving lives from opiate overdose.

How Will You Know if Our Suboxone Clinic Lexington is Right for You?

At our clinic, you’re not labeled or thought of as an addict, we genuinely care about you and will do whatever we can to help you overcome your opioid use disorder. Our suboxone doctor works very closely with each potential patient, we do a comprehensive medical history and physical on the first visit. We decide if someone is a viable candidate for MAT and determine the appropriate course of treatment which will includemedication, medical monitoring, drug testing and possibly a referral for counseling, if needed.

Contact our Suboxone Clinic Lexington Now!

You probably think you are beyond help for your opiate dependence, but that’s not true. You should never feel alone, helpless or hopeless just because you have are struggling with opioid use disorder, because you’re not. Contact our suboxone clinic Lexington right now and find out how powerful and life-changing one phone call can be!

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