Many side effects come with being an addict. One of the astounding and disturbing is the technicality of dealing with pain. They cannot take regular painkillers because they are not effective. They cannot also take strong pain killers with opium to avoid a relapse.

The technicality creates a hardheaded issue for clinicians when treating addicted patients. It may also make legal and ethical issues for them. It complicates things since clinicians want to provide the best health care services to their patients.

A study has shown that even with the above technicalities, the use of opium to treat chronic pain in patients with addiction is widespread. It is paramount that clinicians take caution while prescribing regular opioid therapy.

Among the many recommendations written out to help treat such patients. Suboxone is the ultimate option. Not only does suboxone help in the treatment of chronic pain, but it also assists in treating dependence on the drug.

There are three stages in the severity of pain. There is acute pain, mild pain, and, lastly, severe pain. Depending on what the patient is going through. They get a dose of the suboxone drugs according to the severity of pain.

Visit a Suboxone Clinic

To create a form of normalcy and to avoid stigmatization of a patient. The doctor attending to them must be aware of all that it entails.

When you visit our suboxone clinic at Lifestream Health, you will meet a dedicated team. They aimto see the patient attain full recovery holistically. They are well trained, professional and treat patients with care and dignity.

Our team won the bowie award of 2020. The outstanding results are because the leadership and management are solid. The CEO, Dr. Merritt, led them, whom her peers recently nominated as the Technical Access Committee for the Maryland State Prescription Drug monitoring program.

Dr. Sarah Merritt is certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine, meaning that she Is the best and has the best team around. You can have our assurance that you or your loved one are in good hands. Contact Lifestream Health to book an appointment.

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