There are three foods to avoid for arthritis pain management.  The first food that should be avoided is nightshade vegetables. What are nightshade vegetables? Potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant are all examples of nightshade vegetables.  They are all part of the Solanaceae family of plants that contain alkaloids in very high levels. Tobacco can be added to this group also. In some individuals, nightshades can act as a toxin in the body.

Allergies to Dairy Products

Other foods that should be avoided if you are an arthritis sufferer are dairy products, such as milk, cream, and cheese.  These items are all high in fats which can cause inflammation and contribute to obesity. Some doctors feel that those individual’s who are most impacted by dairy products are those with a milk allergy. An allergen can cause inflammation as the body responds to its presence.

Sugar and HFCS are Not Good Choices

Sugar and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) can cause stiff, painful joints. Excessive sugar or HFCS can cause arthritis pain to elevate. These foods in excess will also lead to obesity which will put more pressure on joints that are already compromised.

There are Three Food to Be Avoided for Arthritis Pain Management

To recap, nightshade vegetables, dairy products, sugar and HFCS can contribute to the pain levels of arthritis pain management patients. The other major contributor to chronic pain levels is obesity, which can be controlled by working with your pain management doctor on diet and exercise.

Working with Your Pain Management Doctor

If you are suffering from arthritis pain, you should talk with your pain management doctor about natural ways to reduce your chronic pain.  Sometimes a simple change in the foods you eat can have a great impact on arthritis sufferer’s pain levels. There are three foods to avoid for arthritis pain management; however, a complete change in diet and lifestyle can make a big difference to arthritis sufferer’s pain levels.

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