At our pain management clinic in Bowie, Maryland, we offer comprehensive pain management for acute and chronic pain. We accept most insurances; however, some insurance plans require a referral from your primary physician, prior to going to a specialist. You can call the telephone number on the back of your insurance card to find out what your insurance carrier requires.

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Once you call our office in Bowie, Maryland, our staff will answer any questions and concerns that you may have. We realize that you are calling because of pain, so we will find you the soonest available appointment at our clinic. You will need to bring your insurance card, any required referral and co-pay, and a photo ID to your first appointment.  It would also be helpful if you could bring a list of any current medications that you are taking.

Pain Management Clinic in Bowie, Maryland

At your appointment, we will listen to your complaint of pain, and all of the facts that you can provide to help us solve your pain issue.  We will also look at your medical history and any diagnostic testing that has already been completed.  We will then work with you to examine your area of pain and order any new tests needed. We recognized that chronic pain impacts the whole person, physically and psychologically, and promote multi-dimensional treatment plans. We seek to incorporate evidence-based and outcome-oriented research in our treatment decisions. We also recognize and place a great deal of value on personalized treatment plans, where our patients enjoy attentive and thorough care.

We are Taking New Patients!

We have many different treatments and procedures available.  We will work with our patients to determine the best plan of action for overall wellness. We are taking new patients at our clinic, located at 4000 Mitchellville Road Bowie, Maryland (301)-860-0305. Call our pain management clinic in Bowie, Maryland today and get the help you need for acute and chronic pain.

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