National Institute of Health indicates that chronic pain is a chronic disease that affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. It has been identified as the most prevalent reason for Americans to seek medical help and a primary source of impairment and a significant contributor to healthcare expenses.

Traditionally, the therapy for that illness uses narcotic pain medications to lighten the signals of pain. But the new studies show that Ketamine infusion therapy “reboot” the central nervous system, enhances neural transmitters, and heals damaged areas caused by pain syndromes over time.


How does it work?

Ketamine Therapy resets the nervous system and helps to restore health. This technique does not dull signals like standard therapies but instead gets to the base of the problem.

Infusions relieve pain through the NMDA receptor in the spinal cord and brain. This is important for nociceptive transmission (most pain is nociceptive, meaning it is caused by the stimulation of these pain receptors, which causes tissue harm).

Neuropathic Pain Syndrome

This includes the following syndromes.

–         Complex Regional Pain Syndrome


This syndrome usually manifests itself in one of the body’s extremities (foot, leg, hand, and or arm). It usually occurs as a result of a trauma, such as a fractured bone, and can also occur due to nerve injury.


Ketamine Infusion therapy relieves pain by resetting the central nervous system’s pain sensitivity, a safe and effective method.


–         Fibromyalgia


This specific chronic pain illness affects the body’s muscles and tissues, resulting in widespread aching and stiffness as well as exhaustion.


In Fibromyalgia patients, low-dose Ketamine IV infusions have been shown to be beneficial and safe in reducing chronic pain.


Ketamine Infusions may be the thing you have been searching for. To schedule a consultation,  don’t hesitate to contact us and get your appointment fixed.

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