Pain management is normally not an easy thing to accomplish, chronic pain especially. At our Lifestream Clinic in Bowie,, we know that chronic pain is a serious medical condition that nobody should take lightly. We use gentler and more aggressive methods to resolve chronic pain; every chronic pain sufferer is different, so our approach will also differ depending on the individual. As with all chronic conditions, we need to understand how your chronic pain began; this can help us direct our treatment more effectively. Most people who experience chronic pain from an injury or accident have improved function over time, leading them to never seek further medical attention for their condition, while others suffer because of other factors such as genetic predisposition, age-related degeneration, exposure to toxins, etc.

Pain Management

Ways to help you manage your pain include

Prescription medications:

Our experienced chronic pain management specialists will prescribe a combination of medications that can help you to find relief from your chronic pain symptoms. We’ll periodically change the dosages and types of drugs depending on your needs based on the newest research regarding chronic pain management.

2. Manual therapy:

 If medication is unable to relieve chronic pain, our registered physical therapists will also apply manual therapies such as massage, acupuncture, dry needling, or active release techniques to provide additional relief while also teaching you how to continue the treatment in the comfort of your home so that you may have increased function and less reliance on chronic pain medications.

3. Shoulder and neck injection:

In cases where chronic pain is severe enough to need an injection.

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Are you having trouble dealing with pain? Visit our pain management center in Bowie, Maryland, for chronic pain management that works. We understand how chronic pain can change your life. Let our pain management specialists help you live more comfortably and free of chronic pain.

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