At the pain management clinic, Lifestream Health Center in Baltimore, MD, we see a variety of patients with many different physical and mental ailments. We are dedicated to improving the lives of others by helping diminish their suffering. Pain can show up and present itself within the physical body, mind, and emotions in many ways. If left untreated it can worsen over time causing even more problems with your daily living. It can become destructive. Pain is inevitable however suffering doesn’t have to be. How we look at pain and how we work with it is the key to ending the suffering that we can experience because of it.

Online Pain Management Doctor Accepting Medicaid and Medicare

Pain is an indicator. It’s a message that your body sends to let you know that something is changing, something is not in alignment, or something is wrong. There’s many different types of pain and not all should be looked at in a negative way. Have you ever heard of “growing pains”. This is typically for babies, toddlers, and adolescents. When our bones are growing, our muscles are developing, and so on these “growing pains” can come on. The unpleasant sensations are just indicators that growth is happening. There is such a thing as needed pain or pain with a purpose. When a woman is pregnant she will experience discomfort many times throughout her pregnancy because her body is changing, ligaments are stretching, her skin is stretching, a lot of growth is happening within her to make room for her growing baby. Not only does this take place in her body but as well in her mind for she has someone completely new that she will have to care for. When she gives birth she will endure pain in order to deliver her new baby. During changes, growth, expansion pain is definitely necessary.

Maybe you’ve noticed that after receiving a lot of new information, headaches will arise. This can just be an indication of brain growth. However, if the pain or unpleasantries prolong then there’s indication that something more is happening and may need deeper explorations to discover what is causing the pain. Our pain management team has a variety of treatments and procedures available to get to the root of your particular issue that’s causing your specific pain.

Lifestream Health Center accepts most insurance providers including Medicaid and Medicare. We’re accepting new patients for an initial assessment as well as those looking for a second opinion. Pain may be inevitable but your suffering isn’t.

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